LANDEX Testimonials

What Counties Are Saying About LANDEX

"The LANDEX system has been a great addition to our office. The accounting features have made balancing on a daily basis a breeze, and has greatly improved the monthly reporting process. My only regret is I wish we would have done this sooner."
Robert Ziegler, Recorder of Deeds, Cumberland County, PA

"Since implementing the LANDEX system, we've realized a better flow of the work in the office and are proud to say the system allows us to be up-to-date on a daily basis."
Deborah Bardella, Recorder of Deeds, Washington County, PA

"I did a great deal of research before choosing LANDEX and am very satisfied that we chose the best system for our County. The support staff at OSS is a wonderful group of people, highly skilled, always available and very supportive. Our searchers, employees, auditors and finance department are all very satisfied with this system."
Debbie Packard, Monmouth County, NJ

"We could not be more pleased with LANDEX.  It is user-friendly, easy-to-follow, and always looking for ways to improve."
Felicia Santaniello, Monmouth County, NJ

"Lebanon County, PA and LANDEX were united in February, 2002. The reason I refer to it as a union is because of the commitment we receive daily from Optical Storage Solutions. LANDEX is a comprehensive package of recording, accounting, indexing and imaging of public records. It is easy to use, saves time and money and can be customized to meet the needs of your County.

I cannot say enough about the service we receive from Optical Storage Solutions. They are just a phone call away, any time of the working day. OSS listens to our requests and is constantly upgrading features to make our lives easier and the process more efficient with the changing world.

LANDEX and OSS are a team you can count on not just for the moment but for the future."
Donna J. Lutz, Recorder of Deeds, Lebanon County, PA

"The best thing that has happened to this County since the invention of the ball point pen. I Love It!!!"
Mary L. Zimmerman, Register and Recorder, Northumberland County, PA

What Users Are Saying About LANDEX

"Please be advised that after using the LANDEX system, I am very pleased with it as it is very user-friendly. I especially like the zoom feature as my eyesight isn't what it used to be. I like the way it lists everything that has been recorded on a single page; you can highlight individual instrument numbers (instead of looking at doubles), can match mortgage satisfactions with the mortgages, etc. It is a really good system."
Patricia K. Truax, Abstractor

"Please be advised that I have been an abstractor in Somerset County for over ten years, and I have witnessed the changes in the Recorder's Office over the past few years from the previous indexing system to the present. I can't speak highly enough of the LANDEX Retrieval System.

The imaging of the document has cut my time to a fraction of what I used to spend in doing a title search. Formerly, I had to pick up literally hundreds of books in a day.  Now, due to the imaging, it's a matter of calling up a list and paging through the images on the screen in minutes.

In addition, I have traveled to many other counties in Pennsylvania, and have used various other systems. I have not found any as easy, quick or efficient as the LANDEX system. Overall, I think the LANDEX Retrieval system is the best that I have used and I am very thankful we have it here in Somerset County.”
Debra L. DiLoreto, Abstractor

"I told Recorder Mary Zimmerman (Northumberland County, PA) how much we now like the computer system which has been installed there. At first I really resisted it (opposed to much change, I guess) but have changed my mind completely. The LANDEX system there is working well. The system, which took most of us some perplexing moments learning (but we did and if I can learn a computer than anyone can) is absolutely wonderful, really. All of the searchers, without a single exception, who are now using the LANDEX System in Perry County, say it is easily the finest they have ever used."
Harvey P. Murray, Jr.